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Minimize Workers' Comp Claims
Reduce X-Mod and Premium
Tackle Fraud Head On

The average workers comp fraud claims is $50,000+. Don't fall victim. Contact us today for a free report!

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Do You Want to Minimize Your Number of Workers’ Comp Claims?

Our program can save you tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims.

Do You Want to Reduce Your X-Mod and Premium?

The average cost of a fradulent claim is at least $50,000. Litigated Claims are much higher.

Do You Want to Improve Safety and Morale for Your Employees?

We have helped reduce workplace injuries by more than 60% time and time again.
Richard Villa Safety Meeting Leader

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this safety program is for you!

"We have made an astounding impact on our injuries and our WC rates have reflected this." -John Dameron, President of Dameron Alloy Foundries

Safety Program Options

Non-Branded Videos
Set of 4 Fraud-Prevention Videos $1,900
  • Spanish and English versions available
  • True/False tests for employees after viewing
  • Details Consequences of Fraud
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Custom-Tailored In-Person Incentive Program

Starting at $15,000
  • Dynamic Meetings with Bilingual Leaders
  • Uses Humor to Connect
  • Uniquely Engaging and Motivational
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Branded Personalized Videos
Set of 4 Custom Fraud- Prevention Videos $4,900
  • Can be customized with your spokesperson
  • Stresses Importance of Honesty
  • Discourages Fraud
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Key Benefits of our Fraud Prevention Program

  • Your potential savings are significant. The average cost of a fraudulent claim is at least $50,000.
  • Our videos cover a difficult topic very effectively without being accusatory.
  • Consistency matters. Everyone hears the same message, especially important when there are several locations.
  • The videos are high quality, professional videos that can be used for years.
  • Videos can be customized and personalized with our film crew and the company spokesperson in both English and Spanish.
  • The most effective strategy to reduce fraud is to inform workers that filing a fraudulent claim is a felony and will not be tolerated.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Steve Novokmet

Plant Manager, Mass-Hansen Steel Corp

“By far the best safety meeting we've ever had.”

Tia Jordan

Director of Quality Assurance, Ayres Hotel Group

“Bridge Consultants has done a truly fantastic job.”

Charles Dao

Kathy Ireland Home Fashions / Arrow Industries

“You made me a hero! Your meetings are dynamic, and the employees are really involved. And injuries are way down, too. For the first time, I feel we have really created a safety culture.”

Michael Bennish


“This was definitely one of the best business decisions I have made. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I support whatever you want to do to keep the momentum going.”

Reduce Claims. Reduce X-Mod. Reduce Premium

We've Improved the XMod Score and Reduced Workers' Comp Costs for Many Businesses Just Like Yours.

Hilton LAX
X-Mod Cut from 184 to 90. Background: Injury frequency was killing profitability. When the X-Mod hit 184, ownership knew they had to change something, but did not know what. There was a disconnect between what the hotel management wanted, and the attitude of the staff. We were hired to turn this situation around.

Weber Metals
X-Mod Cut from 100 to 53. Background: We engaged workers, leading to a stronger safety culture. An X-Mod of 100 signals an average performance in terms of claim frequency, but if the industry has high classification rates, like this metals forging company does, that translates to a very high premium. 

X-Mod Cut from 234 to 106. Company Statement: “Our Safety Performance continues to improve. YTD across all four Arbonne sites there has been a 60% reduction in WC Injuries with a corresponding 89% reduction in WC claims payout.” 
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